Work with an Exercise Physiologist for maximum weight loss

What makes us different?

Nutrition First

 Our training protocol includes a complete dietary program based upon the latest research.   If your diet is not right, you will NOT be happy.  Plain and simple.     


Nutrition second

 In some cases we may need to make metabolic adjustments for your diet to work.  For example,  its very common (especially women) for thyroid lab values to be “normal” when, in fact, they are not.   What do we mean?  In short, the normal range for TSH is rather wide, and often times ”synthroid“,  the standard treatment is somewhat or totally ineffective.     There are other options which are often more effective such as “Cytomel”  or T3, which happens to be the real “locomotive” behind metabolic rate.   We work closely with several physicians who can usually prescribe the correct type and amount of thyroid hormone (assuming your doctor is unwilling). Work with an Exercise Physiologist for maximum weight loss.

And... Nutrition Third

After metabolism/hormonal issues are corrected and diet is in place, its time to start training.   This piece is key to success.  It’s called accountability.  In addition, you have to like coming to see your trainer!  If you don’t, your odds of success drop.  Therefore, we attempt to make every session informative, funny, and unlike your average dental visit lol.


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