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Giving Back

At Body Evolution we believe that giving back to the community is an integral part of our business.  One way we give back is through donating our services to events such as silent auctions and setting up booths at local health fairs.  If you know of an event that is in need of item donations, please contact Body Evolution so we can continue giving the best way we know how!

Latest News...

Body Evolution is currently assembling a team of "elderly" weightlifters.  We are changing the way people think about aging by demonstrating how strong mature individuals can become through resistance exercise.  Many of our long term "fat-loss" clients have decided to demonstrate their strength through competitive lifting.  Most have been very hesitant, but through support and encouragement of our physiologists, have ended up thoroughly enjoying the experience.  Our new team will consist of people over the age of 70.

Arthur VirtaOur oldest lifter of 86 years, Arthur Virta, recently bench pressed 220lbs for a new master's world record.  Art is an inspiration to all!

Lou VacherlonOne of our newest clients, Lou Vacherlon, deadlifted 200lbs at 73 years young!  Lou has had several cardiac issues and is a great example of what's possible after cardiac rehabilitation!

Stew LiechtiStew Liechti, another cardiac patient, deadlifted 215lbs for 12 reps!  This is after 5 bypasses and 6 stints and Stew continues to improve!

The progress in strength made by these individuals is consistent with the medical literature which clearly demonstrates strength improvement regardless of age!  At Body Evolution we enjoy the opportunity to improve our clients quality of life at any age.  Strength Improvement plays a key role in performing activities of daily living at an advanced age.  Ultimately, our clients are competing against themselves in an effort to improve and/or maintain health.