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Combining Nutrition with Exercise

Over the years we have surveyed our client base to improve our services.  In addition to private exercise training we now provide a comprehensive individualized nutritional program.  When combining exercise with nutrition, we specifically adjust your macronutrient intake to match your exercise regimen and lifestyle.

We DO NOT provide a "one-size-fits-all" program.  Rather we take into account your individual likes and dislikes as well as previous dietary history in an effort to develop a plan that works for you.  Our nutritional guidelines are supported by medical literature which we provide at time of implementation.

working out with Ken HedrichYour individualized nutritional program includes:

  • Weekly Menus
  • Grocery lists
  • Free food lists
  • Forbidden food lists
  • Emergency cravings lists
  • Nutrition labels lists
  • Quick-start guidelines

Individualized Personal Training
Our exercise programs are researched based and individualized for your particular goal structure.  Our staff of Exercise Physiologists specializes in the implementation of the most effective exercise protocols available.  These regimens are based upon the latest research in exercise science.  At Body Evolution we do not subscribe to the latest gimmicks or trends.

All our training is provided in a private or semi private studio under the direct supervision of a highly trained professional.  In addition, we provide an at-home exercise prescription as well as phone consultations when necessary.  Our goal is to provide the best customer service and ensure your success!