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Success Stories:  Angela

Angela (before) Angela (after)

We are very excited about Angela's success at Body Evolution.  Angela came to us a little over 2 years ago ready to completely change her lifestyle.  Angela decided to take control of her life and realized that hiring a personal trainer would help keep her on track.

Exercise Physiologist, Andrew Bramer helped guide Angela one step at a time, closer and closer to her weight loss goals.  Andy was able to provide incremental weight loss goals for Angela as he broke down a seemingly insurmountable task into a manageable plan.  Slowly and steadily, Angela's weight progressed in the right direction.

With Andy providing continual support and encouragement, Angela has succeeded in transforming her health, body, and entire life!  More importantly, she has maintained her weight loss!  She continues to weight train regularly and follow a sensible diet practicing the art of moderation.

At Body Evolution we can help you to attain your weight loss goals and provide an individualized exercise and dietary plan with measurable results!