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Body Evolution Success Stories

We've had so many satisfied and successful clients over the years, but we'd like to share a few inspriational stories in particular with you here.

Scott Angela Sumit Wanda
Scott Angela Sumit Wanda

Client Testimonials

Lisa "I have been working with Ken for almost 9 years and look forward to every workout!"
 - Lisa
Steve C. "I am totally dedicated to getting stronger and with Ken's help plan to deadlift 475lbs this year!"
 - Steve C.
Mark "Ken is always ready to work me harder than I would ever train on my own!"
 - Mark
Alberta "The weight training compliments my running!  I feel great afterwards!"
 - Alberta.
Paula "I have already seen improvement in the shape of my arms and shoulders!  I like the way they look when I wear a sleeveless dress!"
 - Paula
Anna "I really look forward to each workout at Body Evolution!"
 - Anna
Doreen "I just started training with Ken and already my shoulder feels better and my legs are stronger!"
 - Doreen
Andrea "Ken has really helped me make diet and exercise much easier than doing it on my own!"
 - Andrea
Steve B. "I have just started training and dieting and am anticipating several great 'after' pics!"
 - Steve B.
Julie "Over the 18 years that I have known Ken, he has encouraged me to be the best I can be in everything I do!"
 - Julie
Coby "Ken really knows how to motivate me during our training sessions!"
 - Coby
Lanette "Ken has a special gift for motivating people!"
 - Lanette
Carol "Ken makes me hurt from every session we do!  The weight training has helped my tennis!"
 - Carol
Stew "I have been training for almost 10 years and I feel great!  The weight training has really helped my tennis game!"
 - Stew
Mike "Ken kicks my #%# every time I see him!"
 - Mike
Jim "Ken is always lively and energetic and I especially appreciate his attention to detail in training services!"
 - Jim
Tim "I get up a 4:30am to train with Ken!  I must be insane!"
 - Tim
Steve K. "In addition to weight training with Ken, I really enjoy discussing antique car restorations!"
 - Steve K.
Peter "I am very happy with my weight loss and enjoy weight training with Ken as he motivates me to push harder.  He is very knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition!"
 - Peter
Wanda "Ken has helped me realize my potential in powerlifting, bodybuilding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle."
 - Wanda
Sumit "I have been able to reduce my blood pressure medication and I am hoping I can eliminate all my medications as I keep to reducing my body fat!"
 - Sumit
Cindy "I am watching the scale go in the right (lower) direction!  Ken doesn't let me get away with any cheating!"
 - Cindy
Rick "I have really enjoyed working with Ken for the past 5 years and have seen improvements in my fat loss and strength!"
 - Rick
Lou "Ken has helped me to improve my strength and keeps me up to date on the latest research pertaining to nutrition and cardiac rehab!"
 - Lou
Rich "Training at Body Evolution has helped me to stay on track for almost 10 years now!"
 - Rich
Joel "Ken in really knowledgeable and has a passion for what he does!  I always get a better workout at Body Evolution!"
 - Joel
Amy "Ken does a great job at keeping me on track.  I have lost over 20 pounds in 8 weeks!  Thanks Ken!!"
 - Amy
Angel "I am sore everyday and loving every minute of it!"
 - Angel
Bill, Steve, and Tom "Since training with Ken, we have become stronger and more confident individuals."
 - Bill, Steve, and Tom
Sue "I am planning to deadlift 135 pounds at a body weight of 102 pounds!  After almost 10 years of training I am in the best shape of my life!"
 - Sue
Jean "Training at Body Evolution keeps me on track with my diet and exercise."
 - Jean
Bill "I am very appreciative for all the guidance I have received through the years at Body Evolution."
 - Bill
Kris "Ken really cares about his clients and is always willing to go the extra mile!"
 - Kris
Jodie "I just started with Body Evolution and have already dropped two percent body fat in four weeks!"
 - Jodie
Jeff P. "Ken is motivating and inspiring!"
 - Jeff
Art V. "Ken continues to push me and recently helped me bench press 220lbs at 86 years young!"
 - Art V.