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Success Stories:  Scott

Angela (after)

It's hard to believe the difference in body composition since Scott started working with Body-Evolution and the youth-rx program.  It's important for you to know there is so much more to it than just looking good.

Scott sleeps soundly, has tons of energy when he's up and at 'em and feels younger than his years.  This is a hormone replacement program designed specifically for men and women his age.

Scot works out 2-3 times a week with Ken Hedrich at Body-Evolution.  Ken is an incredible personal trainer and Exercise Physiologist and his programs are based upon the latest medical research.  Scott spends jut 28 minutes a work-out and you can certainly tell the difference in the photos.  Three and a half months...that's all it took to get in the best shape of his life!

Get to work, don't delay...look 30+ in a 50 year old body!

Video of Ken Hedrich and Scott talking about his peronsal success story:

Video of Scott talking with Mark from Youth-RX: