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Success Stories:  Wanda

Wanda (before) Wanda (after)Three years ago at the age of 39, Wanda decided to improve her lifestyle by coming to Body Evolution.

After a complete change in diet and a restructured exercise regime, Wanda dropped almost ten percent bodyfat, took first place in a sanctioned 5K running event and set a masters national bench press record benching her own body weight!
Wanda (with competition medals)Wanda (bench pressing her own weight) But that's not all!  She is now training for a drug-free bodybuilding show coming up in November where she will display her physique while further reducing her bodyfat down into the single digits!  Not bad for a 42 year old mother of four!

Look for her upcoming physique pictures to be posted on our web site soon!  Keep up the great work Wanda!