About your trainer

Ken Hedrich MS, owner of Body Evolution, is a formally trained researcher and scientist in metabolism and energy expenditure.   Ken has published his research in the peer reviewed journal "Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise".  In addition to his academic training, Ken has participated in countless competitive events with highlights including "Chicago's Fittest Man 2005."  Ken also won a paired 5k event  in Mt. Prospect (1995).  In addition, Ken posted the highest ever recorded bench press of 370lbs as a masters competitor in the RAW powerlifting category.  He is one of the few "trainers" who has both a successful scientific background in Exercise Physiology as well as an impressive and diverse competitive career spanning four decades.   Ken is currently training for a push up and pull up contest at the  Fit Expo in San Diego (Oct 2018).  Ken has won the GNC push up contest as well as unofficially breaking the Guinness Book of World Records most push ups in one minute with 123 completed.  This is just a small sample from his extensive academic/competitive resume and career, respectively.  Ken doesn’t tout certifications rather he promotes graduate level academic rigor that can be appropriately applied to real life competitions.

The reality is.... all of the above accomplishments do not matter if Ken was not able to connect with his clients (on a personal level).  Following an old school protocol, Ken believes the customer is always right and going above and beyond is part of the normal work day. 

   Take a look at what our clients have to say.   Ken has current clients who have been with him for 25 years or more.